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privacy policy for “kiwhats.net”


We collect "type of device, country IP address, browser type, time and date "

Make sure that all the information we collect is not shared with anyone, as our main goal is only to improve the service

Cookies and the Network

Our website does not rely on cookie technology to save our visitors' information, but rather a record is used for each user that includes specific information about the pages he visited. This enables us to learn about the interests and topics preferred by visitors, which helps us to improve and develop the content we offer them

We would also like to add that Google AdSense the advertising company we work with, may use some of this information to improve the ads on our site

Of course, these ad companies are permitted to use technology tools such as cookies, web beacons, and proprietary programming code such as JavaScript for purposes similar to those indicated above. These purposes lie mainly in developing the advertising content of these companies and evaluating the effectiveness achieved by these advertisements, without pursuing any other goals that may be harmful in any way to users

  1. Google AdSense is one of the companies that advertise on our site and it is an unrelated part of our privacy policy. This company uses cookies to enhance the quality of ads and evaluate their effectiveness. Based on the agreements reached between us, this company may use certain technologies such as cookies, Internet synonyms and special code such as JavaScript to achieve the goals referred to above
  2. Google AdSense uses the DART cookie to improve the quality of ads based on certain criteria about visitors, such as their visit to this site or other sites
  3. Users have the option to opt out of the use of the DART cookie by visiting this page:

To view the Google AdSense privacy policy, please visit the link: